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03306. $ 1,995 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 35.00 Priority Mail
Original historic WWII OSS Issue Liberator .45 caliber Pistol. Model FP-45. Manufactured by Guide Lamp Div. of General Motors in 1942. Most were delivered to the O.S.S, intended to be air dropped to resistance fighters in Europe, China and the Phillipines. Most were destroyed at the end of the war. Made from unfinished stamped steel. This example is in excellent condition showing minor freckling. Barrel is 4" vg smooth bore. Shows to have been fired. Floorplate may be a proper replacement.
03302. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Remington Model 51 in .380 caliber. About 50,000 .380 pistols were made. This one is in very good original condition showing moderate holster wear. Mechanically excellent and tight with excellent bright bore which should be brushed. Much of the original blue remains. These are a very flat and well-made pistol, ideal for pocket carry. Ship to C&R or FFL.
03304. $ Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Remington R51 As new in box. 100% condition.
03296. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 30.00 Priority Mail
Unusual and rare Soviet Russian Tokarev TT33 7.62mm pistol dated 1944 with coarse checkered wood grips used late in the War. Fully & nicely nickel plated in the field during WWII for presentation to a Russian soldier for an act of valor. Not commonly found. Very good or better condition showing service use and wear with some nickel loss on the left side. Slide & frame match - unable to check barrel. VG sharp shootable bore showing typical minor erosion from military amkmo. Complete with excellent WWII holster.
03294. $ 2,995 Available Shipping: $ 50.00 Priority Mail
Mauser Model C96 French Gendarme 7.63mm pistol with 500 meter rear sight. A distinct special model pistol (large grip with bolo barrel) reportedly a contract of about 2,000 made for French police in 1919 during the French occupation of Germany. This is a fine example with about 95% original blue and strong fire blue on the extractor, trigger, and rear sight riser. Some blue fading on brrel. Excellent bright bore and all matching numbers with original Mauser hard rubber grips. Marked "Germany" (many are). A very nice example.
03293. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 100.00 U.S. Mail
1900 U.S. Test Luger, #6713, in very good condition. Shows about 75-85% blue with moderate wear, blue loss maybe splattered with liquid that caused blue damage. Moderate wear on grip straps. Vg straw colors showing light wear and some corrosion. Matching numbers & proper magazine showing some rusting, should clean. Vg bright bore showing light corrosion. Vg crisp grips with a gouge on left. Excellent deep crest on chamber. Appears to be an untouched sleeper. Could benefit from some restoration.
03292. $ Auction Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Walther Model PPK/S .22 pistol. As new condition with 100% finish. My friend recently bought this, but at 80 years old, he can't see the sights. It's been shot a few times, but it's virtually a new gun.
03287. $ 9,995 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 100.00 U.S. Mail
Very Rare M1910 Bergmann Commercial Pistol with factory wood/leather holster stock. Caliber 9mm Bergmann (9mm Largo). Early serial 771x produced shortly after the Spanish M1908 contract. Excellent condition with excellent bright bore. Stock is vg or better and sound with fragile leather. Mismatched magazine. This is a rare combination in exceptional condition which is very hard to find.
03285. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Chinese Contract Inglis Browning 9mm High Power. Tangent sight and cut for shoulder stock. Excellent condition with all the restored parkerized finish. Much better than the usual condition of guns returned from China. Matching numbers. Bore is sharp with light corrosion in the grooves. No importer marks. Proper Inglis magazine. Missing lanyard ring. These are legal with the proper Inglis shoulder stock!
03279. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Unusual factory chrome factory engraved Llama Model XVI .22 pistol. Condition is 95% or better showing minor wear and staining to chrome which should easily clean. Manufactured in 1974 and imported by Stoeger. Original Llama mag. Mint bore. Blued hammer, mag release, mag, rear sight and extractor. Excellent factory hard rubber grips with Llama logo. Proof marked "S1" indicating manufacture in 1974. These have become hard to find.
03284. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 30.00 Priority Mail
1906 American Eagle Luger in .30. An outstanding example of this classic pistol! Condition is a stunning 99% restoration with no wear. Straw about 100%. Nice Eagle crest. Checkering is crisp and sharp, showing only minimal wear. Gripstraps show almost no wear. Beautiful pistol. Extractor marked "Loaded".
03283. $ 495 (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Lovely Mauser Model 1910 Portuguese Contract .25 automatic pistol. Excellent condition overall showing light wear and minor freckling. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. Matching numbers and nice original magazine. Excellent walnut grips. A fine example of these famous pistols which were the beginning of Mauser's pocket pistol line - and were made from 1910 to about 1940. Marked "Germany" and has the circle/triangle Portuguese marking. No import marks.
03281. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Walther Postwar .380/9mm Kurz PPK as new in the original numbered factory alligator box with manual, target, spare mag, rod and tool. Gun is dated 1964 with "Interarmco" on slide. "Made in West Germany" on right frame. Shows little evidence of firing (all were proof fired at the factory) with mint bore. Overall condition is excellent showing slight self wear on box. A rare combination with high collector interest.
03282. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Walther Postwar 7.65mm/.32 PPK excellent in the original numbered factory alligator box with Manual. Gun has German proofs but is undated with no importer marks! Shows little evidence of firing (all were proof fired at the factory) with mint bore. Overall condition is excellent showing slight box wear. Box shows shelf & handling wear. A rare combination with great collector interest.
03278. $ 595 (Curio & Relic) Sale Pending Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Excellent Walam 48 pistol in 9mm Browning Short (.380) made in 1958 for Egypt and never delivered for political reasons. Clear Egyptian crest. Some went to Hungarian police. Excellent blue and bright perfect mirror bore. DA and SA similar to Walther PP. Reportedly a joint project with Walther. Some parts interchange. Imported into England and has English proofs on the barrel. These have an interesting history. Light import marks. Very high quality and one of the better ones I've seen. From a collectors estate.
03301. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Belgian "TEXAS RANGER" marked .38 Colts Special Double-Action (only) serial number 7. Copy of a Colt Single Action marked "Made in Belgium". Excellent condition with 97% original nickel finish and imitation ivory grips. Minor holster wear on left side with remainder of nickel nearly perfect. Excellent bright bore. Very attractive revolver! Made 1920-31. Shooting not recommended.
03303. $ (Curio & Relic) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
S&W Outdoorsman .22 Target Revolver (K-22 First Model) dating from the mid 1930s. Serial 636xxx. Condition is very good or better with most original blue showing moderate holster wear and some light corrosion on the right frame. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. All matching numbers. Right grip numbered, left grip matches wood & condition and has no number. Rear sight has a couple spots of discoloration. Front sight has light round bead. Great early prewar quality S&W you won't be afraid to shoot!
03298. $ (Non-firearm) Sale Pending Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Rare shoulder stock for the Webley Mark VI .455 Revolver. These shoulder stocks were a special accessory for the Mark VI Revolver and also used on one model flare pistol. Very difficult to find. This accessory, when combined with the special bayonet, formed a wicked combination for a battle weapon. Stock is in excellent condition. No import marks. Note: Revolver not included. Attaching to a revolver (U.S. only) will require ATF registration (Form 1). Acquired from a collector/friend in England.
03295. $ (Antique) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Union Arms Co. .31 Cal. Percussion Revolver made by W.W. Marston Co. of New York. Late Model (seventh type?) harder to find round 4" barrel 6-shot (most were five shot octagon barrel). Made in the early 1860s and very popular during the Civil War. Condition is NRA Fine with a lot of original high polish blue. About 80% on the cylinder and 40% on the remainder. Bore is very good and will clean better. A very nice example of these historic revolvers. Antique, no FFL required.
03297. $ Auction Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Tiny North American Arms ,22LR Stainless Steel Revolover. Condition is as new showing no wear. Looks to be test fired only.
03286. $ (Antique) Auction Shipping: $ 30.00 Priority Mail
Antique Simson Model 1893 Argentine Contract Nagant .440 (11.2x22R) Revolver. Made in Germany by Simson & Co. in Suhl. Sharp German Crown/Crown U proofs. These antique revolvers are fairly rare and this one is in excellent condition as arsenal refurbished many years ago. Mechanically excellent and locks up tight. Checkered wood grips show light wear. Excellent bright sharp bore. As best we know, these were the only revolvers made by Simson. No import marks. No FFL required.
03280. $ 495 (Antique) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Exceptional Antique S&W .32 4th Model Top-Break 3" Revolver with the original Montgomery-Ward - Chicago soft leather-lined holster. Manufactured ca. 1884 and appears unfired with no primer ring or cylinder flash. About 98% or better original unpolished nickle with a few freckles. Mechanically excellent with excellent bore with a few freckles at the breech end. Found in Denver Colorado, so it probably was a Western gun used during exciting times in the Old West! Antique, so no FFL required.
03288. $ (Antique) Auction Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Early antique Swiss Model 1882 Ordnance Revolver, caliber 7.5˙mm. Very early 3 digit serial 942! Made before 1888. Marked "P" on front of frame indicating release from military service. Retains almost all the original military blue with minor wear on edges of hexagonal barrel and a few minor freckles. Mechanically excellent and locks up tight. All numbered parts match. Fine black plastic grips. Bore is exc. A fine example of this high quality, antique 19th Century revolver. No import marks. Antique, no FFL required.