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03263. $ 995 (Antique) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Remington Smoot No. 3 Antique Saw Handle Revolver in .38 Centerfire. Made ca. 1875-1888. Outstanding 98% excellent condition with little wear or corrosion. Hard rubber grips are excellent with no chips or wear. Nearly unfired with no primer ring. Shows light flash marks on the front of the chambers which may be old grease. Bright excellent bore. Bright excellent chambers. It shows minor holster wear on the forward edge of the cylinder. Gripstraps show no wear. An outstanding example for any collection!
03268. $ 995 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Webley Mark IV Revolver, Caliber .38 S&W. 4" Barrel. An outstanding Canadian Police contract commercial revolver shipped to Toronto about 1955. Nearly all original high gloss blue finish showing very light holster wear. Perfect bright bore. Mechanically excellent and tight. Original plastic grips marked with the"Webley" logo. The grip frame bottom is marked "T.P.F. 0.90" for Toronto Police Force. Complete with original black flap holster. Canadian police marked Webleys are scarce. An excellent example with tiny import marks.