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Rifle & Shotgun Sales List
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03178. $ 9,995 Available (Curio & Relic) Shipping $ 200.00 FedEx Ground
This is a live destructive device requiring a $200 transfer tax. It has a Russian Heavy Machine Gun (DShK) tripod adapted to it by the Finns during WWII. The tripod alone is rare. Very good condition. This is a very early (3 digit) example that was used against the Russians during WWII. Mismatched numbers. I've personally owned it since 1968.
03140. $ 495 Available (Curio & Relic) Shipping $ 25.00 FedEx Ground Sale Price: $ 395.00
Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 made by Tula in 1937 and captured by the Finns during the Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40 or the Continuation War of 1941-44. Stamped with the Finnish "SA" mark on the barrel. Shows blue wear with brown patina from extensive service. Overall vg condition with sound Finnish replacement wood and vg bore with strong bright rifling and dark grooves. Needs cleaning. All matching including magazine, bolt and buttplate. Import marks on side of barrel. A nice example.
03177. $11,995 Available (Curio & Relic) Shipping $ 200.00 FedEx Ground
Description and photos to follow shortly. This was recently deactivated by drilling holes in the barrel. It can be re-activated by replacing the barrel and filing a Form 1 with ATF or rebarreled (or sleeved) to .50 BMG with no ATF registration.
02634. $ 100 Available (Non-firearm) Shipping $ 1.00 First Class Mail
A very few Schmidt-Rubin K-31 Carbines in .30-06 were made in a small special order (20 guns) for the Swiss Shooting Team in Mexico City in 1971. All were commercial models with a "P" prefix serial (Privat) in the P269,5xx range. These were marked ".30/06" on barrel ring. I'm able to offer some of the original individual Mexican Registration Cards issued by the Secretary of National Defense to the Swiss Team. Each card lists the specific serial number. If you own a rifle, you will want a Registration Card to document it's source!