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01819 Price $ 70 Shipping $ 6.00 Priority Mail
Das Tankgewehr Mauser M1918 (Mauser Anti-Tank Rifle, Model 1918)

Das Tankgewehr Mauser M 1918. The Mauser Anti-Tank Rifle, Model 1918. Recently published in Germany (in German) showing all models of the Mauser Anti-Tank Rifle as made by Mauser during WWI. Little has previously been published on this subject, and this book is a welcome addition to a collectors library! I recently acquired a few copies from the author, and each is autographed! 176 pages and dozens of photographs - including combat photos, and photos of a unique sniper version! Pictures alone are worth the price. Autographed Copy!
02828 Price $ 100 Shipping $ 10.00 Media Mail
German Military Rifles - From the Werder Rifle to the M71/84.

German Military Rifles - From the Werder Rifle to the M71/84 by Dieter Storz. Excellent German language reference on early German military rifles. 392 pages and over 900 color photographs with many old B/W troop photos. Includes development of the early Mauser M1871 and 71/84 rifles, details on needle-fire rifles, Jaeger, Carbines, German-used Chassepot rifles, experimentals, Turkish model, police and Gendarmerie rifles. Also covered is ammunition and accoutrements. A comprehensive reference!
02437 Price $ 25 Shipping $ 6.00 Priority Mail

This is an original high quality catalog circa 1910 from G. & S. Holloway, British gunmakers. 28 pages of fine quality double-barrel shotguns and double rifles with wonderful illustrations. Condition is excellent - near new. I bought these in England some 30 years ago. Add for shipping.
02402 Price $ 85 Shipping $ 12.00 Priority Mail
Hayes Handgun Omnibus

Hayes Handgun Omnibus, by Ian Skennerton. A Catalogued Encyclopedia of Collectible Revolvers and Pistols from an outstanding handgun collection located in Australia. 592 pages with 3,550+ illustrations all in color. This encyclopedia of handguns covers a wide range of makes and models from antique to modern. Includes many models not seen in the United States and many obscure and rare models. Great Webley section! Full technical details for all guns. A remarkable collection fully cross-referenced!
02438 Price $ 45 Shipping $ 6.00 Media Mail
Inglis Diamond - The Canadian High Power Pistol

The best reference on the Canadian Inglis HP pistol. Clive is a personal friend of mine and has written an outstanding book! Highly recommended! Add for shipping. $6 for Book Rate, $12 Priority Mail.
02330 Price $ 70 Shipping $ 12.00 Priority Mail
Mauser Pistolen

Mauser Pistolen. A great book by W. Darin Weaver, Jon Speed and Walter Schmid, with new discoveries from Mauser factory documents and photos of Mauser Pistols and other data. Includes details on prototypes, early production pistols, C96 pistols, HSc, Lugers, P.38s, and French production after the factory was captured. If you have any of Darin's or Jon's previous books, or if you collect Mauser Pistols, this is a "must have" addition to your library. 368 pages with 461 illustrations. Order Now! In stock - ready to ship.
02440 Price $ 45 Shipping $ 3.00 Media Mail
Revolver, 1865-1888

An early, excellent reference on revolvers. Add for shipping.
02441 Price $ 50 Shipping $ 6.00 Media Mail
Rifle in America

Used 1947 revised edition. Excellent early reference on rifles. Includes much data from Sharpe's experience with Ordnance Technical Intelligence during WWII. No dust jacket. Ex-Library copy. Add for shipping.
02827 Price $ 100 Shipping $ 10.00 Priority Mail
Sauer & Sohn - Suhl - Handguns by Manfred Kersten

Sauer & Sohn - Suhl - Handguns, by Manfred Kersten. Excellent German language reference on Sauer handguns privately published by the author. 188 pages filled with color photographs. Includes many rare engraved and presentation examples along with prototypes and experimentals - such as the Model 36, 41, and the rare 38(h) Jaeger model in .22. The pictures alone are worth the price! Autographed by the author!
02806 Price $ 85 Shipping $ 5.00 Media Mail
The Parabellum is Back! 1945 - 2000

The Parabellum is Back! - 1945-2000 is the most authoritative study on post WWII Luger pistols. A significant amount of data, including descriptions, serial numbers and photos of postwar Lugers along with Mauser history. Earlier models compared. Research was based on Mauser archives, the people involved and the guns. Included are the French postwar pistols, rare East German manufacture, and the more common 1970 Interarms models. 560 pages and 700+ photos. A remarkable book and a valuable resource for collectors and dealers.
01354 Price $ 100 Shipping $ 10.00 Priority Mail
The Reichsrevolver and It's Variations (Der Reichsrevolver und seine Varianten)

The Reichsrevolver and It's Variations, by Heinrich E. Harder. German language with English summaries and photo captions. 464 pages, 500 illustrations - all in full color! A definitive, well researched reference on Reichsrevolvers, beginning with Model 1873 through all 1879 & 1883 models. Officers models, experimentals and European copies included. Holsters, accessories, ammunition, cartridge boxes and markings. If you collect Reichsrevolvers (or Lugers!), this is an essential reference. Add for shipping - $6 book rate, $10 Priority Mail.
02807 Price $ 30 Shipping $ 6.00 Priority Mail
Veteran Bring Backs Volume II, by Edward B. Tinker

Veteran Bring Backs Volume II, by Edward B. Tinker. Just published in 2011, 206 pages in full color with pictures and the stories of war souvenirs and the soldiers who brought them home. From WWI to the Middle East. A great book for the collector and student.
02434 Price $ 10 Shipping $ 2.00 First Class Mail
Walther GSP/OSP Pistol Instruction Manual

Walther GSP/OSP Pistol Instruction Manual 48 pages.
02432 Price $ 10 Shipping $ 2.00 First Class Mail
Walther LG Air Rifle Instruction Manual

Walther LG Air Rifle Instruction Manual - 40 pages. Appears to be from the 1950's, 1960's or 1970's.
02433 Price $ 10 Shipping $ 2.00 First Class Mail
Walther LP3 Air Pistol Instruction Manual

Walther LP3 Air Pistol Instruction Manual - 20 pages. Appears to be from the 1950's, 1960's or 1970's.
02435 Price $ 10 Shipping $ 2.00 First Class Mail
Walther OSP Pistol Manual

Walther OPS Pistol Instruction Manual. 20 pages.
02443 Price $ 35 Shipping $ 6.00 Priority Mail
Zbrane Divokeho Zapadu (U.S. Western Guns)

Czech language book on American guns used in the early West. Great photos. Add for shipping.
02534 Price $ 595 Shipping $ 15.00 Priority Mail
Deutsche Waffen-Und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) Aktiengesellschaft, 50 Jahre

Deutsche Waffen-Und Munitionsfabriken Aktiengesellschaft, 50 Jahre. The 50 year German language history of DWM. A very rare soft-bound book ususally found only in advanced collections. Published in 1939 by VDI-Verlag in Berlin. 143 pages plus 81 additional pages of large-format photographs of different factories, manufacturing processes, workers and Nazi activities. Also has illustrations of Borchardt and Luger pistols, machine guns, ammunition and portraits of notable engineers & managers. Every Luger collector should have one.
02756 Price $ 85 Shipping $ 10.00 Media Mail
The Parabellum is Back, 1945-2000

The Parabellum is Back! 1945-2000, by Mauro Baudino and Gerben van Vlimmeren is the result of more than five years of research. Pistols, accessories, archives, and blueprints. A huge amount of data has been sorted and analyzed. The result is a 560 page book with more than 700 photographs, printed in full color with some vintage black & white images. The most authorative study on post WWII Lugers, including Interarms, Mauser, Kreighoff, and East German Lugers! An excellent resource for these little-known pistols. Excellent Reference!