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03242. $ 395 Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Unusual little Norton TP-70 (Budischowsky) .25 ACP stainless steel double-action pistol with hammer. Serial number 1842. Excellent condition showing little wear. Fired little. These were in production only for a short time. Very small, flat pistol for concealed carry. Great pocket pistol in an excellent caliber. A great collectible and an excellent carry gun.
03228. $ 850 Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Crisp Browning HP 9mm Commercial Pistol made in 1975. Excellent condtion with about 99% original blue showing only a trace of holster wear. Mechanically excellent with perfect bright bore. Fitted with wrap around Pachmayer Grips. Original 13 round magazine. A very fine example.
03229. $ 850 Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Interesting Browning 9mm HP Pistol with original two-tone finish. The frame assembly is finished with original silver chrome, and the slide is finished with a black epoxy type finish. Condition is excellent 99% original finish showing just a trace of holster wear. Equipped with ambidextrous safety and a 13 round magazine rather than the 10 round. Mag is a tight fit. Perfect bright bore. Will make a fine shooter.
02341. $ 2,995 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 50.00 Priority Mail Sale Price: $ 2,995.00
Simson Military 9mm Luger with blank chamber. A very nice example of these rare Lugers with about 95% original blue showing minor wear on the gripstraps and sideplate. Crisp grips which appear original (can't read the grip numbers) with little wear. Bore is bright, with sharp rifling and smooth lands, with light pitting in the grooves. All matching numbers except magazine. A nice crisp example which is very collectible. No import marks.
03222. $ 495 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Unusual Tokarev, Polish TT-33 factory CUTAWAY! Complete with cutaway magazine. Very unusual example of a rare pistol. Originally made as a cutaway between 1950-55 with about 50 cuts - outlined in red! Excellent condition. Normally, these have plain grooved grips, but this one has "FB" marked on the left grip (Fabryka Broni - Arms Factory) and "WP" on the right grip (Pistolet Wojskowy - Military Pistol). These markings are rarely seen on cutaways. Dated 1953.
03223. $ 495 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Unusual Tokarev, Polish TT-33 factory CUTAWAY! Three digit serial number and complete with the original MATCHING number cutaway magazine. Very unusual example of a rare pistol. These were originally made as a cutaway between 1950-55 with at least 50 cuts - outlined in red! Excellent condition. Dated 1955. Rarely found with a matching magazine.
03225. $ 495 Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Erma Model KPG69 .22 'Baby' Luger in excellent condition with nearly all the original finish. Excellent mechanical condition with perfect bore. This is a smaller, better made version of the earlier models (EP-22, ET-22 & LA-22) of Erma Luger pistols - in a separate serial number range (300,000 & up). Higher quality with much more steel used in construction. Similar to the .380 version. Few were imported before manufacture ceased.
03226. $ 2,495 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 40.00 Priority Mail
Fine example of a Walther PPK .32 pistol with a "W" suffix. Condition is about 97% or better showing minor holster wear. Crown N proofed. Excellent bright bore and mechanically excellent. Excellent uncracked grips and unnumbered proper magazine with finger extension. Tiny shrinkage crack in the toe of the magazine finger extension. A very fine example with no import marks.
03218. $ 595 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Beretta Model 1934 .380 Italian Army Issue Pistol. Mid-war (1942) manufacture with a F prefix to the serial. Excellent mechanical condition with rough bore. and excellent finish showing only minor wear. Matching numbers.
03217. $ 695 Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Walther Manurhin Model PPK/S .22 LR Pistol. Only a few of these were imported many years ago. All Walther pistols were made by Manurhin in the post war period (until recently). In excellent overall condition showing moderate blue wear on the gripstraps and light edge wear on the high edges. Marked Manurhin International, Alexandria, VA on the slide. A fine example which would make a great shooter.
03214. $ 150 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Early and tiny Steyr Model 1908 .25 ACP Pistol in the 60xx range. Attractive and excellent condition overall, but the frame cracked on the right side and was repaired by welding, then it cracked again. Right side is fine, showing no damage. Barrel & bolt are undamaged. Bore is fair, showing roughness. Complete with original magazine. I'm selling it as a display item only, unsafe to fire. Would make a great paperweight!
03210. $ 1,495 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 30.00 Priority Mail
Outstanding Walther 50 Year Commemorative (1886-1986) PP Pistol in .380. Condition is nearly 100% with only slight discoloration spots in the blue. 100% high-gloss blue. It's been fired a few times with perfect bright bore. Decorative carved thumbrest wood grips are specific to this model and very attractive. Interarms marked. Only 500 were produced for the American market and very few are offered in the market. A very special, attractive and highly collectible PP model. Complete with it's original Walther wood case.
03132. $ 400 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Ortgies 7.65mm Auto Pistol. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. About 97% original blue showing light holster wear. A nice example with no import marks.
02901. $ 150 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail Sale Price: $ 125.00
Stenda .32 auto pistol in relic condition. Missing trigger and magazine. Replaced grips. Marked "Made in Germany" on left frame. Barrel is present (needs cleaning) along with complete slide and frame, Crown N proofed. Could be made functional with a couple of parts. No import marks.
03088. $ 495 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail
Unusual Spanish Paramount .25 Auto Pistol Modele 1920, as new in the box. This is the finest one I've seen. Made by Retolaza Hermanos in the early 1920s for U.S. sale. Marked "Made in Spain" on the right frame. Mechanically excellent and 100% original blue with crisp, sharp original horn grips. Left grip has a tiny age split at the very top (see photo). Bright bore shows slight peppering. Box has an old mailing label from the American Chicle Company in New York to a Doctor in Chicago.
02898. $ 1,200 Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Browning Collectors Association First Annivrsary 9mm High Power Pistol. Serial number 27 of 100. Condition is as new showing no wear or handling marks and only evidence of proof firing at the factory. Engraved with BCA information on slide and frame (see photo). No more than 100 guns were produced for BCA members and this is an outstanding example with a low serial. The magazine shows some storage marks on the floorplate. Very hard to find! 13 round high capacity magazine. Manufactured 1977.
03240. $ 1,195 (Antique) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
German Model 1879 Reichrevolver. Made by the Suhl consortium of Sauer, Shilling and Haenel. Possible presentation gun since it was professionally nickel plated many years ago. Condition is excellent - near new. Excellent bright bore. Mechanically excellent and tight. Crisp action. Appears to be unissued - with no regimental marks. Some scarring of the cylinder pin knob by some amateur. All matching numbers. No lanyard ring. Probably had an interesting history.
03237. $ 895 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Webley Military Mark IV .38 S&W Revolver made during WWII, marked "War Finish" with British Military Broad Arrow stamp. Condition is about new with 99+% original blue with a few storage marks. Gripstraps have all the original blue. Excellent sharp grips. Mechanically excellent and exceptionally tight. Perfect bright bore and no wear from handling or firing. Matching numbers. Complete with lanyard ring. Crudely finished. An exceptional example in new condition with no import marks. May have been a vet bringback.
01930. $ 795 Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Smith and Wesson "Victory" Model 4" Barrel Revolver in .38 Special. Bought by Army Ordnance about 1942 and possibly issued through the U.S. Defense Supply Corporation (DSC) to CIA, Defense contractor or public agency. Ordnance Bomb on butt but no U.S. Property nor inspector mark. Condition near new showing no wear and a few light storage marks. Mechanically excellent and locks up tight. Excellent Bore. 100% original parkerized finish. Looks unfired. Cylinder has been turned. An outstanding example! No import marks.
03221. $ 1,495 (Antique) Available Shipping: $ 30.00 Priority Mail
Early antique Webley Mark I .455 Revolver, ca. 1890, converted to .45 ACP. Serial in the 15,xxx range. Large Navy Broad Arrow mark engraved on topstrap, with "N 25" on backstrap. Matching numbers. Very good condition showing some blue loss, light handling, minor holster wear, storage marks and freckling. Repair to topbreak release spring. Gripstraps have strong blue. Mechanically exc. Good grips. Bore shows corrosion but shootable. Antique in U.S. and Canada. Canada shipping $50. Great defense gun.
03219. $ 695 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Webley Mark IV .38 5" Revolver, with Singapore Police Force markings (S.P.F. 5102) back of the hammer. Condition is excellent plus with minor holster/ handling wear. Fired very little. All matching numbers with perfect bright bore. Later example and unusual with no manual safety. Lanyard ring. Tiny import mark on underside of barrel. Mechanically excellent and very tight. An outstanding example with a known history for a collection and would also make a great shooter.
03212. $ 1,095 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Unusual Webley Mark III .455 Revolver in the 76,000 range. Mismatched, but is still in .455 Cal. Early number barrel is marked Mark III. Very unusual (special order?) grip shape with fine smooth walnut grips that appear to be original. Mechanically excellent and tight with excellent bright bore and only a couple of minor spots of light roughness which won't affect shooting. Backstrap has "W.G.J." initials. Gripstraps show wear, but it hasn't been fired very much. Overall very good condition. No import marks.
03180. $ 795 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 Priority Mail
Unusual Webley Mark IV .32 Pocket revolver with 3" barrel. Probably made about 1952-540. Mechanically excellent and tight with perfect bright bore. Outside finish shows minor holster/handling wear. Excellent hard rubber grips. No importer marks, and a very nice example.
03119. $ 150 (Antique) Available Shipping: $ 20.00 Priority Mail Sale Price: $ 99.95
Relic Antique Double Action Japanese Type 26 Revolver, Caliber 9mm Japanese. Manufactured at Tokyo Arsenal and issued to cavalry and NCO's in the Japanese Army from 1893 to the end of WW II. Near excellent bright bore. Missing the internal parts, grips, trigger, hammer, etc. Considerable outside pitting but with much original blue. No import marks, so it was a WWII War Trophy. An interesting example of a historic Japanese military issue sidearm in relic condition. Antique, no FFL required.
03076. $ 1,495 (Antique) Available Shipping: $ 30.00 Priority Mail
Lovely antique factory engraved Marlin 1872 XXX Standard Revolver in .30rf. Engraved in a leaf & flower pattern with stippled background. Original nickle finish nearly intact showing moderate wear only to backstrap & butt. Appears nearly unfired with only a few freckles and slight finish loss at front of cylinder & breech. Near perfect bright bore with trace of frosting near muzzle. Mechanically excellent. Faded case hardening on hammer. Rosewood grips with 96% original varnish. A lovely untouched example in excellent condition!
02875. $ 1,595 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 30.00 Priority Mail Sale Price: $ 1,495.00
Very unusual Webley .455 Mark VI Commercial Revolver, Thai contract. Marked "P. Webley & Son, London & Birmingham" on barrel rather than on the frame - which is unmarked. Frame and barrel have no military broad arrow marks - indicating commercial production. F.A. 6.33 26 marked on backstrap. Mechanically excellent with VG bright bore. Outside has over 95% original blue showing the minor effects of a humid climate. No import marks. Mismatched numbers. Never saw another Thai marked example, may be a rare variation.
03178. $ 9,995 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 200.00 FedEx Ground
Description and pictures to follow shortly. This is a live destructive device requiring a $200 transfer tax. It has a Russian Heavy Machine Gun (DShK) tripod adapted to it by the Finns during WWII. The tripod alone is rare.
03177. $11,995 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 200.00 FedEx Ground
Description and photos to follow shortly. This was recently deactivated by drilling holes in the barrel. It can be re-activated by replacing the barrel and filing a Form 1 with ATF or rebarreled (or sleeved) to .50 BMG with no ATF registration.
03140. $ 495 (Curio & Relic) Available Shipping: $ 25.00 FedEx Ground Sale Price: $ 395.00
Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 made by Tula in 1937 and captured by the Finns during the Russo-Finnish War of 1939-40 or the Continuation War of 1941-44. Stamped with the Finnish "SA" mark on the barrel. Shows blue wear with brown patina from extensive service. Overall vg condition with sound Finnish replacement wood and vg bore with strong bright rifling and dark grooves. Needs cleaning. All matching including magazine, bolt and buttplate. Import marks on side of barrel. A nice example.