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Pistol & Revolver Sales List
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02677. $ 350 Available
Attention Astra Collectors! Astra Cadix .38 Special Revolver as new in the original box with instructions and cleaning rod. Condition is as new with all the blue and only a couple of handling marks. Appears unfired (all were proof fired by the factory). 4" barrel, adjustable rear sight and flat latch like early S&W. High quality revolver with very smooth action. No import marks. Excellent box showing a little shelf wear. Imported by Firearms International in the late 1950's and early 1960's.
Auto Pistols
02649. $ 395 Available (Non-firearm)
You've never seen one like this before! A unique sample pistol built up years ago by famed William B. Edwards of Benet Arms in San Francisco. It's partly a Browning HP frame with a P.38 frame (and grips) grafted to the back and topped by a Colt 1911 slide. No barrel. Bill was working out some design ideas with this combination, that may have gone no further. Hand stamped "Benet Arms" and "0002". This will be your only opportunity to own a Browaco Pistol! (Browning/Walther/Colt). Amaze your friends! From the estate of Bill Edwards.
03067. $ 395 Available
German Ortgies Pistol CAL .32 ACP made in Erfurt Germany in the 1920's, these simple blowback pistols were popular until the Great Depression put the company out of business. Condition is excellent showing light holster wear with about 95% original finish. Grip straps show almost no wear. Mechanically excellent with vg bore showing some roughness. Smooth walnut grips are in excellent condition and have the "D" monogram (for Dreyse). A very nice example of this popular pistol with no import marks.
02429. $ 395 Available (Non-firearm) Sale Price: $ 295.00
Russian Shoulder Stock for the Stetchkin selective-fire pistol. This is a late example made from a phenolic composition material. Condition is near new.
03093. $ 450 Available (Curio & Relic)
Nice Beretta Model 1935 .32 auto pistol made in 1952. Excellent condition showing light wear and minor handling. Gripstraps show very little wear. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. Original mag. All matching numbers. These Berettas were used throughout WWII and manufacture continued essentially unchanged after the war. This one has commercial proofs so it was probably a police gun. A simple, well-made pistol with solid reliability.
British Revolver
03015. $ 2,995 Available (Antique)
Rare Schlund Double-Trigger .476 Revolver made by Kynoch in Aston about 1887 on Schlund's 1885 patent. Serial 364 out of only 5-600 made. Kynoch leased the factory after Tranter retired in 1885 and Schlund managed the works. Only a few were made. Condition is antique excellent with 80% or more original blue with some patina and freckling. Fine walnut grips with most original finish. Mechanically excellent. Bore about good showing roughness, but very shootable. Marked "Patent Model" on top strap. Front sight height has been lowered.
02581. $ 1,495 Available (Curio & Relic)
Unique FN Modele 1910 "Grand Browning" replica pistol. Only a few originals in 9.65mm were in 1914, with only one or two now known. This old replica was made from a prewar Colt .38 Super, with proper FN markings on shortened slide, new grips, slide release, safety and other special parts. Condition is "in the white", unfinished, with some gunsmithing required to complete. .38 Super barrel and includes magazine shell. No history is known, but it came from famous writer and former gunshop owner William B. Edwards estate. Truly unique!
02897. $ 650 Available
Browning .25 Baby made for the European market in 1981 and marked only "Fabrique Nationale". Condition is crisp new in the original styrofoam box (missing the lid) with original cleaning brush. Box shows shelf/handing wear, but pistol is mint with no wear and no handling marks. Perfect bore. Mechanically perfect. FN marked Baby Brownings are difficult to find and this one probably was brought back by a GI. No importer marks!
02898. $ 1,200 Available
Browning Collectors Association First Annivrsary 9mm High Power Pistol. Serial number 27 of 100. Condition is as new showing no wear or handling marks and only evidence of proof firing at the factory. Engraved with BCA information on slide and frame (see photo). No more than 100 guns were produced for BCA members and this is an outstanding example with a low serial. The magazine shows some storage marks on the floorplate. Very hard to find! 13 round high capacity magazine. Manufactured 1977.
02904. $ 1,195 Available
Unusual Browning GP Competition 9mm HP Pistol, marked Browning Arms Co. A special target version of the High Power with special target rear sight, extended barrel with barrel weight, and special Pachmyr grips. Very few were imported by Browning and this is the only example I've seen marked Browning Arms Co. Condition is near new with 100% original parkerized finish showing only light handling marks. Mechanically perfect with little evidence of firing. Proper Magazine. Very nice example manufactured in 1987.
03107. $ 595 Available (Curio & Relic)
FN Browning Model 1900. John Browning's first successful auto pistol. About 92% or more original blue showing the usual holster and handling wear to the high points with thinning grip straps. Mechanically excellent with poor bore. Nice crisp original grips with no cracks or chips. Original lanyard ring intact. Nice clean original magazine. These early Brownings have become harder to find in recent years. No import marks. A nice clean example showing no abuse.
03065. $ 595 Available (Curio & Relic)
FN Browning Model 1922 Nazi Commerical .32 Pistol. Interesting variation of the Nazi series pistols. This one has Waffenamt markings, and Eagle N commercial proofs. This could have been sold to a military officer or civil official early in WWII - or issued to the military. Condition is excellent plus showing minimal holster & handling wear. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. Matching numbers, proper magazine and no import marks. Almost certainly a GI WWII war trophy.
02913. $ 375 Available
Unusual little Norton TP-70 (Budischowsky) .25 ACP stainless steel double-action pistol with hammer. Serial number 1172. Excellent condition showing no wear. Fired very little - if any. These were in production only for a short time. Very small, flat pistol for concealed carry. Great pocket pistol in an excellent caliber. A great collectible and an excellent carry gun.
02783. $ 395 Available
Unusual little Norton TP-70 (Budischowsky) .25 ACP stainless steel double-action pistol with hammer. Serial number 1842. Excellent condition showing no wear in the original (shopworn) box with instruction booklet and warranty card. Fired very little. These were in production only for a short time. Very small, flat pistol for concealed carry.Great pocket pistol in an excellent caliber. A great collectible and an excellent carry gun.
Charter Arms
02508. $ 995 Available Sale Price: $ 895.00
Rare Special Order Charter Arms .38 Special "Undercover" Revolver (Model 1383). Early production (1970's?) Special ordered by factory executive with his initials as serial number - BG1 before the company folded. Blue finish with 3" barrel. Condition is new in the original box which has an overlabel showing the BG-1 serial. The box also has a different number under the label which is also on the papers. Companion gun to stock no. 2507, a factory engraved .44 with same serial number. Unique revolver and One of a kind! An unusual opportunity.
03048. $ 2,995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Outstanding Colt M1911A1 British Lend-Lease .45 Auto made in 1944 and shipped to England. Appears to be all correct in excellent original condition. About 98% original parkerized finish showing very light holster/handling wear. Excellent original grips. Excellent bright bore. British proofs on barrel, slide and receiver along with "Not English Made". Also marked "Released British Govt 1952". No import marks. A fine collectors item for the WWII or Colt Collector.
02835. $ 1,995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Magnificient Colt Woodsman Target First Model manufactured in 1941. 6 5/8" straight-taper barrel. Serial in the 149,000 range. Complete with original matching box, instruction sheet and test target. Condition is a lovely 99% showing only a couple of handling marks, and no wear. Grip straps are 100%, perfect walnut grips, near perfect original single-tone magazine. Box shows no repairs (no tape) and the lid has separated and should be restored. Exceptional example. If you want the very best!
02513. $ 4,995 Available
Unusual and rare Prototype Colt/Star Model 30 PK. Only 20 were imported by and marked COLT FIREARMS HARTFORD, CT on the frame. "C" suffix to serial indicating Colt. Intended for entry in the second 1984 XM-9 trials, and commercial sale. The deal with Star was never concluded, and the pistols were never evaluated in the trials. A very rare Colt / Star with historic interest. Condition is new (minor handling marks) in the original box with original manual. Complete with a 1988 letter from a Colt Senior Engineer and a 1988 sales document.
02571. $ 595 Available
Fantastic Original Taurus .38 Cutaway Revolver. Serial No. 13 made in Brazil. Only one imported by Benet Arms (William B. Edwards, author and gun shop owner) in San Francisco in 1966. New (100% original blue with old dried grease) in an original box with import papers and original cleaning brush. 12 professional cuts showing construction and working parts. The hand was removed by Mr. Edwards in 1999 (letter included). No import marks on the revolver. Unique collectible which is impossible to duplicate. Great for firearms instruction!
02424. $ 395 Available (Curio & Relic)
Tokarev, Polish TT-33 factory CUTAWAY! Complete with cutaway magazine. Very unusual example of a rare pistol. Originally made as a cutaway between 1950-55 with about 50 cuts - outlined in red! Excellent condition.
03016. $ 7,995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Extremely rare CZ 27 pistol in .22 LR caliber! Experimentally produced under German supervision during the early part of WWII with all markings in German. Only a very few were made. Beautiful high polish blue. Condition is a full 98% showing only very slight blue wear. Mechanically excellent and fired little. So few were made, the serials are marked in Roman Numerals with the highest known being 15 in the Czech museum. This one is IX (9). Only 3 or 4 are known in the United States. Only example I've had the opportunity to sell. No import marks!
03052. $ 795 Available (Curio & Relic)
CZECH CZ 38 Pistol. Cal 9mm Kurz (.380 ACP). Nazi used WWII Pistol. Excellent bore. Unique (for its time) double action mechanism and tilting barrel take- down. Mechanically excellent. Retains nearly all original finish showing light holster wear and handling marks. CZ 38's were nearly all used by German military units, but are rarely Nazi marked. The Germans absorbed the CZECH state just when these pistols were being produced, most - if not all - were taken for German Army use. Dated 1939 and not import marked. A fine example
03113. $ 395 Available (Curio & Relic)
Czech CZ 38 Pistol in 9mm Kurtz (.380 ACP). WWII Pistol used by the Nazi Military. Serial in the 229,xxx range. Double action only, unusual for the time. Mechanically excellent with poor bore. Retains nearly all arsenal refinish with almost no holster & handling wear. Crisp grips a minor crack. The Germans invaded Czechoslovakia just as these were being produced so virtually all went into the German Army. Dated 1939 and no import marks. A historic WWII pistol - probably a GI war trophy.
03111. $ 695 Available (Curio & Relic)
Outstanding Early High Polish Czech CZ27 .32 Pistol in the 186,xxx serial range with holster and spare mag. WWII Vet war trophy marked "Bomische Waffenfabrik A.G." before markings were changed to fnh. Produced in shortly after the occupation. High polish 99% blue finish with showing very slight holster wear. Mechanically Excellent with perfect bright bore. Looks unfired. Grips are excellent with typical tiny chip at left front. A great example of an early Nazi CZ27. No importer marks.
03096. $ 395 Available (Curio & Relic)
Czech Vz.22 parts pistol in the 12,0xx range. These are difficult to find, so here is your chance to upgrade! Matching numbers. VG-Exc. condition with about 85% blue and nearly all straw colors. Missing takedown pin, barrel, barrel bushing, recoil spring, magazine and right grip screw - otherwise complete in very nice condition. Czech acceptance mark on trigger guard of 1923 and 12.P.864 (12th Infantry Regiment) on front strap. No import marks.
03105. $ 595 Available (Curio & Relic)
British No 2 MK 1** Enfield Revolver. Cal .38 S&W. Scarce "Albion" maker. Issued in 1942. Used by all British and Commonwealth nations in WWII. Dated "1942" and serial numbered in the "A" prefix range. Excellent bore. Double action only mechanism in excellent condition. Tight hinge and locks up tight. Fired little. Correct original grips with brass disc. Original "Stoved" (painted) finish showing minor very minor handling wear. A very nice example of an uncommon Albion British WWII issue revolver with no import marks!
03104. $ 495 Available (Curio & Relic)
Enfield No. 2 Mk. I** .38 British Service Revolver probably made in 1943. Marked FTR 54 (Factory Through Repair 1954), and accepted into service in 1954. Double Action with no hammer spur. Excellent plus condition, with about 99% phosphate finish and fired very little. Matching numbers. Mechanically excellent and tight with perfect bright bore. Fine original plastic grooved grips. Complete with lanyard ring. No import marks. This is a very nice example of a typical British WWII service revolver.
03030. $ 495 Available (Curio & Relic)
Unusual Enfield No. 2 Mk I* Tanker Model Snub-Nose 2" British Service Revolver. Made at Enfield in 1941. These double-action only revolvers were converted for tankers and air crews. Overall excellent condition with military blue and some military black paint (stoving) around the front sight. Mechanically excellent with excellent bore. Mismatched numbers - barrel and cylinder match - probably as a result of the conversion. Very good grips. An interesting WWII military relic with no import marks.
02695. $ 1,595 Available (Curio & Relic)
Nice Model 1920 Fiala manually operated .22 repeating pistol with original matching shoulder stock and 20" barrel. Very good overall condition with some blue flaking/ loss. Turn mark in the blue on the barrel. Shows minor wear and most blue loss is from flaking. Excellent crisp mechanical condition with excellent, bright bore.
03114. $ 595 Available (Curio & Relic)
A lovely French M1892 8mm Model d'Ordonnance Revolvers made in 1915. Commonly called the "Lebel", these revolvers were used from 1892 until well into the 1970's. Excellent bore, mechanicaly excellent with tight lockup. Has about 97% orginal finish showing a few freckles. Trigger, hammer and loading gate show considerable straw color. Crisp excellent walnut grips. Made at St Ettiene with no date on the barrel. No import marks and a lovely example. One of the better ones I've had.
03033. $ 395 Available (Curio & Relic)
Very nice French Modele 1935-S M1 Service Pistol in 7.65mm French Long. Made by MAC (Chatellerault). Blue finish in VG-exc condition showing minor holster and gripstrap wear. Hasn't been extensively fired and has an excellent bright bore. No import marks. Nice original grips. A very nice example.
02818. $ 2,995 Available
Cased and engraved Hammerli Model JP208 125 Year Commemorative .22 Target Pistol. Only 1000 made in 1988 to commemorate the 125th year of Hammerli (1863 - 1988). Exceptionally well crafted with meticulous finish. Lovely classic hand scroll engraved barrel and hand-carved target grips. Gold inlay on slide. Leather-lined walnut presentation case. Design is an evolution of the famous Walther Olympia. No import marks! Outstanding condition - appears new and unfired. Complete with factory target and case key.
03012. $ 495 Available (Antique)
Husqvarna Model 1887 7.5mm Nagant Swedish Service Revolver. Made for issue between 1887 and 1907. An early example (serial 8966) with deep high polish blue and strawed small parts. Overall condition is very good with perhaps 80% or more original high lustre blue showing appropriate service wear and blue loss. Matching numbers except for cylinder only 27 off. Regimentally marked "L. No. 5362". Mechanically excellent with perfect bright bore. Very good wood grips. A nice representative example of these early military revolvers.
03115. $ 895 Available (Antique)
Antique Japanese Type 26 Revolver, Caliber 9mm Revolver. Manufactured at TokyoArsenal and issued to cavalry and NCO's in the Japanese Army from 1893 to the end of WW II. Double action only mechanism works fine. Excellent bore. Original blue shows light muzzle wear and usual freckling. Checkered wood grips are excellent. No import marks, so it was a WWII GI War Trophy. A nice example of a historic Japanese military issue sidearm in much better than average condition. I sold this one some 30 years ago, and bought it back!
01364. $ 50 Available (Non-firearm)
Finnish VKT & Valmet L-35 9mm Lahti Magazine. Original Finnish manufacture for the Lahti pistol. Condition is excellent showing minor use. Original bright finish on the body with blued base. Some available with "SA" stamp (Finnish Military marking) on the floor plate.
03106. $ 895 Available (Curio & Relic)
Swedish M1940 Lahti Pistol with holster rig, 9mm Luger. Swedish military pistol manufactured from 1940 to 1946. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. Overall excellent condition showing nearly all the original military blue finish with typical light holster wear on the left barrel band. Original brown plastic grips. Marked "Rplt.S 5056" on right side showing Danish police usage. Light import marks on front of trigger guard. With original brown holster, three magazines, cleaning rod and tool. A very nice Lahti rig.
03108. $ 450 Available (Curio & Relic)
LLAMA ESPECIAL Model XV. Cal .22LR made in 1957! Resembles a scaled down Colt 1911A1 Governemnt model with grip safety. A high quality Spanish .22 that was known for reliability! Mechanically excellent with an excellent bore. Crisp original walnut grips. Has 98% original lovely blue finish. Original magazine and lanyard ring. This gun is in crispy condition and would be a fun and reliable Plinker or carry gun. No import marks.
02287. $ 595 Available (Non-firearm)
Deutsche Waffen-Und Munitionsfabriken Aktiengesellschaft, 50 Jahre. The 50 year German language history of DWM. A very rare soft-bound book ususally found only in advanced collections. Published in 1939 by VDI-Verlag in Berlin. 143 pages plus 81 additional pages of large-format photographs of different factories, manufacturing processes, workers and Nazi activities. Also has illustrations of Borchardt and Luger pistols, machine guns, ammunition and portraits of notable engineers & managers. Every Luger collector should have one.
01686. $ 4,500 Available (Curio & Relic)
German Mauser Banner Latvian Contract Luger Pistol, dated 1938. Caliber 7.65mm Luger. Serial 5089v. Mechanically excellent with excellent bore. Original rust blue is nearly all present with only small scratches on the barrel and the usual wear on the high edges. Excellent original grips. Magazine does not match and is from a military Luger. All other numbers match. Very nice Nazi-era commercial Luger with no import marks.
03049. $ 1,995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Luger Military Pistol made in 1938 by Mauser. Marked S/42 on toggle. Excellent example showing about 97-98% original blue with slight handling/holster wear with a few pits on the left side of the frame. This is the variation with all blue parts (no straw). Interesting serial of 1938 (same as the year) with a small letter! Crisp original grips. All matching numbers except for proper mismatched magazine. Bright bore is about vg with some corrosion evident - but may clean. No import marks. A very nice example.
03057. $ 1,595 Available (Curio & Relic)
Mauser Parabellum 6" American Eagle Luger in .30 Luger. Known as the 1970 model, manufactured by Mauser and imported by Interarms. Condition is as new. Test fired at the factory, and shows little evidence of firing. 100 % original blue with full straw colors. No box wear and no holster wear. Mint bore. Crisp grips with sharp checkering. Spare magazine, manual, cleaning brush, tool and target. A very fine example of the last of the real Luger pistols. American Eagle crest on chamber. Examples in this condition are getting hard to find.
03076. $ 1,495 Available (Antique)
Lovely antique factory engraved Marlin 1872 XXX Standard Revolver in .30rf. Engraved in a leaf & flower pattern with stippled background. Original nickle finish nearly intact showing moderate wear only to backstrap & butt. Appears nearly unfired with only a few freckles and slight finish loss at front of cylinder & breech. Near perfect bright bore with trace of frosting near muzzle. Mechanically excellent. Faded case hardening on hammer. Rosewood grips with 96% original varnish. A lovely untouched example in excellent condition!
03039. $ 1,495 Available (Curio & Relic)
An exceptionsl Mauser Model 1934 in 7.65mm. Updated and improved version of the venerable Mauser M1914 Pistol. About 95% original high-gloss blue. Minor holster and handling wear. Excellent Bore and mechanically excellent. Pistol is marked with the "Eagle/655" Waffen Amt" on the left web which indicates German Army acceptance and use. Only some 8,000M 1934 were acquired by the Army and this is a very scarce German WWII Pistol. Probably a GI war trophy since it has no import marks!
03037. $ 795 Available (Curio & Relic)
Nice original Japanese Nambu 8mm Service Pistol. Manufactured in August, 1943 at the Toriimatsu branch of Nagoya Arsenal. Condition is vg-exc. showing light discoloration of the blue from the humid South Pacific weather with some freckling which will clean. Gripstraps show blue loss from handling in high humidity. Excellent bright bore and shows little evidence of firing. Matching except proper magazine. Excellent original matching grips. GI Bringback with no importer marks. A fine WWII souvenir.
03036. $ 895 Available (Curio & Relic)
Very attractive early Japanese Type 14 WWII 8mm Service Pistol. Small Trigger guard model made by Kokura (Tokyo) Arsenal in November, 1928. Condition is excellent showning light holster and handling wear. Magazine is proper, but mismatched. Locking block and barrel are also mismatched but condition matches and are contemporary to the pistol. Remainder is matching. Bright bore shows pitting. Excellent matched grips. 90-95% original rust blue with exc. straw. No import marks! A GI Bringback from WWII.
Ruger Replacement
02242. $ 100 Available (Non-firearm)
New precision laminated pistol stock for the Ruger 10/22 or Stainless Steel M.O.A. 10/22 receiver. 100% precision inletted including the second lug for the MOA receiver to install a free-floating barrel for ultimate accuracy. Build a custom 10/22 pistol with your choice of barrel length and add a scope! No final finish. Reshape as you wish. Just smooth up the outside with fine steel wool, and apply your choice of finish. The easiest is a few coats of old-fashioned linseed oil. Color: Desert camouflage (earth tones).
02911. $ 1,595 Available
SIG-Sauer Model P226 Jubilee 125th Anniversary Limited Edition 9mm Pisol in original case. Mint condition and unfired, made in 1985. Carved walnut grips and gold inlaid lettering. Specially made for the SIG 125 year anniversary of 1860-1985. Small parts are gold plated. In it's original suede lined leather case with combination lock in the SIG cloth bag and original numbered cardboard box. Pistol is new and unfired with crisp as new case. According to an attached note, it was sold in 1993 by noted dealer Bill Drollinger to a collector.
Smith & Wesson
01930. $ 895 Available
Smith and Wesson "Victory" Model 4" Barrel Revolver in .38 Special. Bought by Army Ordnance about 1942 and probably issued through the U.S. Defense Supply Corporation (DSC) to a Defense contractor or public agency. Ordnance Bomb mark on butt but no U.S. Property nor inspector mark. Condition near new showing no wear and a few light storage marks. Mechanically excellent and locks up tight. Excellent Bore. 100% parkerized grey finish is factory original. Looks unfired although cylinder has been turned. An outstanding example! No import marks.
03088. $ 495 Available (Curio & Relic)
Unusual Spanish Paramount .25 Auto Pistol Modele 1920, as new in the box. This is the finest one I've seen. Made by Retolaza Hermanos in the early 1920s for U.S. sale. Marked "Made in Spain" on the right frame. Mechanically excellent and 100% original blue with crisp, sharp original horn grips. Left grip has a tiny age split at the very top (see photo). Bright bore shows slight peppering. Box has an old mailing label from the American Chicle Company in New York to a Doctor in Chicago.
03063. $ 395 Available (Curio & Relic)
Very unusual Spanish Ruby .32 pistol with matching magazine. Condition is excellent showing 98% PARKERIZED finish which appears original to the pistol. Shows very minor holster wear. VG checkered wood grips. Mechanically excellent with perfect bright bore. Fired very little with no primer ring showning. I've not seen this finish before, and it looks original. Very unusual Ruby with no importer marks.
02916. $ 1,995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Roth-Steyr M1907 Pistol in 8mm Roth caliber. Scarce Austro-Hungarian WWI era Cavalry pistol. Bore has crisp rifling with roughness. Excellent mechanical condition and works properly. Original finish rates at a crisp 94% with mostly holster wear along the left side together with some minor freckling. Made by Steyr in Austria. It also bears a 1910 Vienna military acceptance mark. No importer marks. Excellent wood grooved grips with a minor chip at disk. One of the best I've seen in years!
03102. $ 795 Available (Curio & Relic)
Unusual Steyr Model 1908/34 .32 police pistol. Back strap marked "S.W. 9912" (Austrian State Security Service [Sicherheitswache]) and the matching magazine is stamped with the same property number. Accepted into police service in 1928. After the 1938 German Anschluss, Austrian police (along with their pistols) were incorporated into the Nazi Police system. Condition is excellent showing light holster and handling wear. Excellent bore. Very nice example with no import marks. Certainly a WWII GI war trophy.
02630. $ 750 Available (Curio & Relic)
Swiss Model 1929 Ordnance Revolver, caliber 7.5mm Swiss. Last variation of the Model 1883 Swiss military revolver, made from 1933 to 1946. Nearly all military blue with only slight wear on muzzle. Matching numbers and the Swiss "Cross in Shield" crest on the left side of frame. Factory plastic grips appear "as new". Mechanically excellent and action locks up tight. Extremely nice example of this scarce revolver - with no import marks. Only about 18,000 were made. Marked "P" for release from the military to Private ownership.
02290. $ 750 Available (Antique)
Early Swiss Model 1882 Ordnance Revolver, caliber 7.5mm in the 12,8xx serial range. Retains almost all its original military blue with traces of light wear on sharp edges. Mechanically excellent and locks up tight. All numbered parts match. Black plastic grips are crisp with sharp diamonds. Bore is bright and excellent. An excellent and lovely example of these well made early 19th Century revolvers. No import marks. Marked as released to private ownership in 1936.
03097. $ 695 Available (Curio & Relic)
Swiss Model 1882 Ordnance Revolver, caliber 7.5mm. Later production serial 309xx. Crisp condition retaining almost all original military blue with traces of holster wear. Mechanically excellent and locks up tight. All numbersed parts match. One of the later examples with original grooved walnut grips - which are crisp with a few handling marks. Bore is bright and excellent. A fine and lovely example of these well made early 19th Century revolvers. No import marks and no Swiss military release mark.
02421. $ 395 Available (Curio & Relic)
Tokarev, TT-33 factory cutaway from Poland! Complete with cutaway magazine. Very unusual example of a rare pistol. Originally made as a cutaway between 1950-55 with over 50 cuts - outlined in red! Excellent condition.
03109. $ 995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Russian Tokarev TT33 pistol in 7.62mm. Dated 1940, so it saw military service against Germany through WWII. Shows smooth blue wear from handling with about 75% original blue remaining. All numbers match including the magazine! Proper CCCP grips. Mechanically excellent with strong but dark bore. All original WWII Russian Tokarevs have become very hard to find in recent years. No import marks, so it was probably a GI WWII war trophy.
02637. $ 495 Available
Uncommon Michigan Armament Guardian .380 stainless steel copy of the Walther PPK. When importation of the Walther was banned, Indian Arms produced PPK copies, followed by Eagle Arms, and Michigan Armament before production permanently ceased. Overall condtion is excellent showing little evidence of firing. A well-made uncommon copy of the Walther PPK which is very collectible. It will also make a great carry gun!
03079. $ 1,195 Available (Curio & Relic)
A rare early Walther Manurhin PPK .32 with St. Etienne proof. Serials began at 100,000 and this one is 117,xxx, made in the mid 1950's. Originally a postwar German police contract pistol (ownership mark obliterated), it was imported by Interarms many years ago. Very few came in before importation was banned in 1968. Excellent condition with minor blue wear and handling marks. Overall about 95% high polish blue with minor wear. Tiny chip in grip by safety. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. A fine example.
02907. $ 995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Outstanding Walther 100 Year Commemorative (1886-1986) PP Pistol in 7.65mm. Condition is nearly 100% with only one minor spot on the right grip. 100% original high-gloss blue. Appears unfired with perfect bright bore and no primer ring. Unique extension thumbrest wood grips are specific to this model and very attractive. No importer marks. Few of these were produced for the German market and very few came into the United States. A very special and highly collectible PP model.
02729. $ 2,495 Available (Curio & Relic)
Walther Banner P.38 Zero Series Test Pistol from the German miliary test trials of 1938-1939. Serial 08671; midway in the series. Condtion is excellent with about 80% original high polish blue showing grip strap wear with blue loss and discoloration from moisture or blood. Vg bore with roughness in the grooves. All matching numbers including locking block. Unnumbered later magazine. Retains original red paint on rear sight and white paint on front sight! Rare pistol in fine condition with no import marks. WWII vet war trophy from estate.
03103. $ 850 Available
Very unusual Postwar Walther Model PP .22 pistol. This has postwar German Military Eagle/129 inspector marks. Acquired by British Military as Model L66A1 for personal protection by Ulster Defense Regiments mostly in Northern Ireland. Mechanically exc. with 95% English black paint finish over minor roughness. Scuff mark on left backstrap. Factory lanyard ring. Marked with 'P' on slide indicating stronger firing pin installed in 1985. Very difficult to find. Documented in Dieter Marschall's book on Walther Pistols. Small Interarms mark.
03112. $ 1,195 Available
Walther Postwar PPK .32 Pistol. Made in Germany in 1968. Original brown plastic Walther grips. Condition is excellent plus showing a tiny bit of box, holster and handling wear. Mechanically excellent with excellent bright bore. Original Walther marked PPK magazine with finger extension. A fine carry gun with collector interest. PPK postwar pistols in .32 are not as easy to find as .380 examples. No import marks, so it could have come back with a returning GI.
03100. $ 595 Available
Excellent little Walther Model TPH Stainless Steel Pistol in .22 LR. These were made by Interarms a number of years ago. A high-quality very flat double-action and single action pocket pistol in a great caliber. Condition is excellent, showing minor wear from handling. Mechanically excellent with excellent bore. Feeds and fires perfectly. Great carry gun. Tiny and flat, and safe to carry with a positive manual safety which drops the hammer. These are becoming hard to find.
02012. $ 595 Available
Webley Military Mark IV .38 S&W Revolver made during WWII, and marked "War Finish" with British Military Broad Arrow marks. Serial is in the 160,xxx range. Condition is excellent with about 98% traditional British black 'stoving' military paint. Shows only traces of holster and handling wear from service. Grips show minor handling. Mechanically excellent and tight with excellent bright bore. Fired little. All matching numbers. A fine example of these famous WWII revolvers with no import marks.
03095. $ 895 Available (Curio & Relic)
Interesting and unusual Webley Mark VI .455 British Service Revolver converted to .45 ACP. Appears to be a British Navy rework. The serial has been lined out (can still be read) and a new Navy number applied on the parts (N75x). 99-100% blue as refurbished with only a couple of storage marks. Even the gripstraps are 100%. Mechanically excellent (locks up tight) with excellent bright bore. Excellent, crisp original grips. This is the best example I have seen. No importer marks.
02875. $ 1,595 Available (Curio & Relic)
Very unusual Webley .455 Mark VI Commercial Revolver, Thai contract. Marked "P. Webley & Son, London & Birmingham" on barrel rather than on the frame - which is unmarked. Frame and barrel have no military broad arrow marks - indicating commercial production. F.A. 6.33 26 marked on backstrap. Mechanically excellent with VG bright bore. Outside has over 95% original blue showing the minor effects of a humid climate. No import marks. Mismatched numbers. Never saw another Thai marked example, may be a rare variation.
02797. $ 795 Available (Non-firearm)
Interesting cased Webley Mark I .22 Air Pistol retailed by A.F. Stoeger in New York and marked on the right side. Excellent plus condition overall with at least 98% original blue and crisp excellent smooth walnut grips. Fitted wood case is very well made, but shows it's age.
03110. $ 795 Available (Curio & Relic)
Early Webley Mark IV .38 5" Revolver, with Singapore Police Force markings (S.P.F. 557) back of the hammer. Condition is excellent plus with minor holster wear. Fired little. All matching numbers with perfect bright bore. Early example and unusual with no manual safety. Lanyard ring. Tiny import marks on underside of barrel. Mechanically excellent. Complete with excellent unmarked original holster. An outstanding example for a collection and would make a great shooter.
02883. $ 995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Webley Mark IV Revolver, Caliber .38 S&W. 4" barrel Outstanding Canadian Police contract commercial Webley shipped to Toronto in 1948. Nearly all original high gloss blue finish. Perfect bright bore. Mechanically excellent, tight and matching. Original plastic grips marked with "Webley" logo. The grip frame bottom marked "M.T.P. 1416" for Metropolitan Toronto Police. Complete with the original black leather holster marked "J.R. Gaunt, Montreal". Canadian police marked Webleys are scarce and this is an excellent example with no import marks.
02882. $ 995 Available (Curio & Relic)
Webley Mark IV Revolver, Caliber .38 S&W. 4" Barrel. An outstanding Canadian Police contract commercial revolver shipped to Toronto in 1955. Nearly all original high gloss blue finish. Perfect bright bore. Mechanically excellent and tight. Original plastic grips marked with the "Webley" logo. The grip frame bottom is marked "T.P.F. 112" for Toronto Police Force. Canadian police marked Webleys are scarce and this is an excellent example with no import marks.
03098. $ 495 Available (Curio & Relic)
Interesting Webley Mark IV WWII .38 S&W British Military Revolver. Contition is excellent showing some wear at the sharp edges to the original military black paint finish (stoving) and some handling & holster wear. Marked "War Finish" and a British Broad Arrow military marking and military accepance on the left side of the barrel. Later British commercial proofs on right side. Mechanically excellent and tight with excellent bore. Modified front sight. No import marks. VG original black grips. No lanyard ring. Matching numbers.
03059. $ 695 Available (Curio & Relic)
Webley Mark V British Service Revolver. Originally .455, converted by the importer years ago to .45ACP using half-moon clips. Only 20,000 Mark V revolvers were issued in British Service. This is a very nice example dated 1914. Nicely refinished with 98-99% high gloss blue with no gripstrap wear and minimum holster wear. Mechanically very good. Lockup should be tightened. Bright vg bore with light roughness. Sharp original grips. Broad arrow marked with 8.08 3.H 43 regimental marks on backstrap. No import marks.
03060. $ 1,495 Available (Curio & Relic)
Webley Mark V British Service Revolver. Originally .455 and professionally converted long ago to .22. Only 20,000 Mark V revolvers were issued in British Service. Very nice example dated 1915 with nearly all 97%+ original military blue with no gripstrap wear and minimum handling & holster wear with a few freckles. Mechanically excellent & tight with excellent bright bore. Original grips show minor handling marks. Broad Arrow military marks with 4/15 on backstrap. Very high quality conversion to .22 and may be a military trainer.