The .45 Luger by Mike Krause.
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Two prototypes were originally manufactured for the U.S. Trials in 1906, but neither is known to have survived. At least two revised pistols with a different grip angle were made shortly afterward for possible commercial or military sales. One is in the Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the other was sold in 2010 to a private collector.

Photograph of the original trial pistol in 1906.

Mike Krause specializes in this very special, very limited GL-45 in caliber .45 ACP and the "Baby Luger" in caliber .32 ACP. Mike personally hand crafts these pistols in his shop, and I can attest that his craftsmanship is truly extraordinary. Guns & Ammo magazine, Gun Digest and The History Channel have given feature coverage to the products of Mike's workmanship.

For further information, contact:

Mike Krause
83 21st St.
San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone 650 571 7583
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12 Noon to 6 PM
Tuesday through Saturday

The Baby Luger in .32 by Mike Krause.
Originally manufactured as prototypes about 1925-26, only one original example is known to exist.