Military Pistols of Iraq

Tariq 9mm Pistol, made in Iraq. Possibly captured during "Desert Storm".

Note the triangle marking, which is the symbol for the Republican Guard. Few were marked.

This is a licensed copy of the Beretta Model 951, and similar to the Egyptian Helwan.

Tariq 7.65mm Pistol, made in Iraq. Possibly captured during "Desert Storm".

A consecutive pair! These are licensed copies of a Beretta.

Tariq Gold Plated 9mm Pistol, made in Iraq. Presented to the President of Egypt

According to a report, these pistols were manufactured by the Al Qadissiya Establishment. The facility was located on the road between Doura and Mussayeb in Diyala Governorate (north of Baghdad). Al Qadissiya Establishment occupied 8 square km and had 3 main entrance gates. The General Manager was General Thafer Sadiq Hussein. Other senior officials were: Brigadier Othman Al Siqar (Deputy General Manager), Brigadier (Engineers Corps) Al Hareth (Production Manager), Major (Intelligence) Mazin (Security Officer).

The primary function of the establishment were factories connected with weapons of mass destruction. However, three factories (or production lines) were engaged in production of the Tariq pistol. These factories produced 7mm (7.65mm) and 9mm pistols however, engineers converted one factory for the production of a Tariq 13mm. Production started but ceased for lack of spare parts. 1000 9mm and 500 7.65mm pistols were produced daily (this was 50 percent of capacity). There was a separate carpentry factory which specialised in pistol grips and other items.

The main product of this facility was centrifuges used in nuclear weapons production. It also contained labs for quality control testing for chemical weapons and a welding factory for missiles. There were plans to construct a factory for producing electronic circuits for missiles, however, building stopped because of a lack of equipment.

Iraq Contract Browning HP Pistol. Possibly captured during "Desert Storm".

Note Iraqi crest.

Holster for Iraq Contract Browning HP Pistol.

This holster came out of Kuwait after Desert Storm. Construction is canvas covered vinyl.