In 1938, Johannes Schwarz of Berlin, patented a new method of constructing a Luger pistol frame from cast zinc. Only a few were manufactured by the firm of Bernhard Kneifel in Berlin. Mauser-Werke of Oberndorf purchased some for evaluation, but the tests must have been unsatisfactory. Only a very few Luger frames were made, and only a couple survive.

The example shown above is new and unfinished. A number of minor machining operations would have been required before the remaining parts could be fitted. It was originally found by Fred Datig and acquired by R. Alexander Montgomery. It was first pictured in "The Luger Pistol (Pistole Parabellum)" by Fred Datig in the revised edition published in 1958. The frame was later given by Mr. Montgomery to another collector, and I recently acquired it from him.

Only two examples are currently known. This is the only one known in North America. One other was in a noted German collection (Dr. Rolf Gminder), and was acquired by Dr. Geoff Sturgess about 20 years ago. His specimen is a complete pistol serial number 5, marked 1938 S/42 (a military designation), but it has only commercial proofs. Most likely, it was removed from Mauser during the Allied Occupation. If any other examples are known, please let me know.