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COLLECTORS GALLERY - (Most not for Sale)
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Unusual (possibly unique) Marlin Model 1897 Special Order .22 Rifle
Fully engraved and factory fitted with Swiss style buttstock.
One of a Kind! Rare Mauser .45ACP Pistol.
Sold at auction by Rock Island Auction.
Yet another one of a Kind! Roth .45 (11.5mm?) Pistol.
Sold at auction for $36,400 on June 16, 2003 by Greg Martin Auctions.
The famous Luger .45 - originally made in 1906, along with the famous "Baby" Luger,
both are now being made in very limited numbers by Mike Krause, San Mateo, California.
These are available by special order. Click here for additional details.
Another One of a Kind! Walther Model MP .45ACP Pistol.
Sold at auction for $134,400 on June 16, 2003 by Greg Martin Auctions.
Walther Model AP (Armee Pistole). One of about 55 prototypes made just before the adoption of the P.38.
Rare Experimental Zinc frame for the Luger, ca. 1938.
Persian Luger (Presentation from the Shah of Iran to General Vernon Evans)
Cased Russian Makarov (Cuban Presentation by Raoul Castro To Col. Jorge Garcia Marantes)
Cased Turkish Kirikkale General Officers Pistol Presented to U.S.A.F. General Benjamin Webster
Mauser Model 1930 - Turkish Contract
Late-war ac45 Walther P.38 in original box
Browning 1900 (Presentation) Germany 1903
Prewar Polish Model 1935 Radom
Mexican M1954 Navy Rifle .30/06
Dreyse 9mm Pistols
Military Pistols of Iraq. Tariq 9mm, Tariq 7.65mm and Iraqi Contract Browning HP.
What is it?? It's not what it appears!
North China Type 19 Nambu Pistol
Star Model A with shoulder stock
Mexican Obregon .45 Auto Pistol
Beaumont-Adams 1854 Revolver by Francotte
ERMA Pre-war Prototype Pocket Pistol
1893 Cased DWM Borchardt
Swiss 1882 Revolver with Swiss Shoulder Stock
Prewar Browning Finnish Contract HP with matching stock.
Browning HP made by John Inglis, Canada, 1944-45
Browning HP November 1944
Sauer Behorden Duraluminum
Gustloff Pistols.
J.P. Sauer Model 38h new in the original box.
Hungarian "Nalava" pistol & holster
Factory Engraved Lignose 'Einhand'
Walther Prototype Toggle Action
Luger 1900 Prototype
Mauser 1878 Zig-Zag Revolvers
Mauser C96 Small Ring Hammer
1910/34 Mauser Pocket Pistols
1934 Mauser Pocket Pistol
Mauser WTP II
Russian Stechkin APS
CZ 38 Serial Number 1
Kolibri 2.7mm pistol
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